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A Quick Thank You to The Grawlix

April 25, 2015


I would like to start this post by saying I just got out of yoga upon which I did a lot of hip openers, thus I am feeling a little emotional. This post might be grossly sentimental. As the Grawlix winds down I wanted to take a moment to thank Ben, Adam and Andy for everything they have done. In a lot of ways I’ve learned how to be comedian by watching these three.

           Obviously, the Grawlix weren’t the first people to build this scene. They didn’t create it on their backs. Denver has been lucky to have a strong community and club system that is designed to create killer comics. So I keep trying to ask myself, what made The Grawlix different? Why did they become so important to our generation of comics and to this city? There are other comics in this town who crush an audience and are doing big things, but this…this is different.  Why?

           The Grawlix were different because they invited us along for the ride on everything. Every comic grows and gets better. Not every comic invites the audience to watch the growing pains.  The other night I watched the viewing of web series, and just as they promised, we noticed how they started off and got better. It wasn’t always perfect but the way they constantly worked to learn, move forward & improve was perfection.

They share more of themselves to complete strangers than most of us can even imagine telling our own families. They share their pain and scars like brothers while also making us laugh. We know so much about them; struggles with addiction, divorce and mourning. This isn’t everyone’s style. But for me, it always felt like an honor to be someone they would bare themselves to in such a vulnerable way, even if I was in a room with 200 other people.

So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for teaching me how to show up and perform every time. Thank you for teaching me how far hard work and being cool will get you. Thank you for teaching me about the kind of comedian I want to be.  You showed us how to be vulnerable and funny. You showed us how to share the pain and happiness as a community and it has been fucking amazing. Just as you shared the struggles, you have shared your success as if it was ours as well. You guys were different because you let us be a part of something special. Thank you for including us in all the fun.

You’re leaving the scene in good hands because you taught us well. We can’t wait to see what is next. In the words of Adam,it’s time for us to suck our own dicks. And thanks to you guys we are ready. Love you guys and thank you!

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