Denver, CO, USA

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Submit to the #Powerfullproject

Thank you for visiting my submission page for the #PowerfullProject. Like many women in America I am constantly living in a defensive mode of life, trying to anticipate danger in order to keep myself safe and out of harms way. With the election of Trump I was feeling even more powerless in today's world. So I have created a project where women can anonymously share their stories of sexual assault or harassment and artists will create art based on those stories. I believe that if women are having to think about danger everyday, everyone else should be thinking about it too. Please use this form to submit your stories. If you do not wish for me to know your identity please anonymous@gmail.com as your email address. Thank you so much for sharing your stories. I share them via my social media at the current time. You can follow me on facebook or on instagram @cabuchsy to see stories and art (search #powerfullproject). If you have any other questions or ideas to make this project better feel free to email me directly at christiebuchele@gmail.com. It is my hope that I can make everyone feel a little less powerless and a lot more powerful! Thanks!